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Post by Burnsy on Sat Dec 19, 2015 7:59 am

I have been swimming with Team Brooks Squad at Beattie Park for the past six weeks.  Team Brooks is not a club but a training squad that people come to from many clubs and tri coaches across the metro area.   I have to say I have seen a significant difference in my swim since joining the squad and the coaching and atmosphere is fantastic, with the two coaches (Neil Brooks and Chris Letts) having a huge depth of knowledge. They also offer Tri Coaching for those interested.

Squad runs over two times between 4.30 and 7.30pm (90 minute sessions) three days a week and uses two lanes at Beattie Park pool (outdoor 50m).  Sessions are generally 3500m or more but there is no judgment or chastising if you miss sets or need to get out early, I did for my first four sessions. Lanes can have up to 12 or more swimmers in them during busy sessions but in a 50m pool with one coach per lane this is not an issue. Sessions are tough with plenty of fun and frivolity and make use of all pool toys, you need pull buoy, paddles, kickboard and fins (get the big rubber swim ones not the short ones, eyeline or mirage style).

Most of you are aware of how I swim so to give you an idea of ability I swim at the front of the slower lane. I would suggest if you can hold a 1:50 pace you will be fine but if you are worried about your ability have a chat to Neil.  Having one coach in each lane allows them to run different sets and times within the one lane and you get constant feedback on stroke and technique.  I have enjoyed going back to a squad that uses swim toys every session and have noticed significant difference in my upper body strength (including weight gain despite dropping measured skin fold body fat) since joining. Drills are generally not done as a whole group (I can only remember doing one short set of drills in six weeks), instead there is greater reliance on individual technique and stroke correction every session.

Cost is pool entry plus $15 to Neil, at first this seems like a bit but from a value for money point of view I say it has been totally worth it. If you have any further questions feel free to ask here or drop me a message, it would be great to see some of you join me.
Cheers, Mike

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