Parkrun 9th Jan - Champion Lakes - Henley Drive

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Parkrun 9th Jan - Champion Lakes - Henley Drive Empty Parkrun 9th Jan - Champion Lakes - Henley Drive

Post by Trigalwa on Sat Jan 02, 2016 6:39 pm


Bring your families down for a parkrun at Champion Lakes on the 9th Jan at 8am....

Henley Drive, Champion Lakes, 6111, Western Australia

If you are extra keen you can meet at our place and run down and/or back with me (approx. 4km to the starting point)......

Bring the kids along - they can do the run or just paddle around.. Trav is taking Leila on the parkrun and if anyone wants to run it and leave their kids with Trav (within reason) while they mosy along then that is great too...

if you are game you can go for a swim after (the water is ok at the moment)...... I might take a dip before I run back home... or you may want to bring your bikes and go for a ride around after.. Time trial anyone? Wink


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