Perth Hills Tri Club Group Run - Tuesday 19th Jan 6pm

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Perth Hills Tri Club Group Run - Tuesday 19th Jan 6pm

Post by Admin on Wed Jan 13, 2016 3:05 pm

Please join us at Perth Hills Tri Club for our first ever group gathering for ......   the run. 19th Jan at 5.50pm for a 6pm start at Riverside Park , Woodbridge

We would welcome juniors, beginners, novices, intermediate and advanced athletes - or of course those of you who have made that new years resolution to just become a triathlete!

You can just do the warm up run with us, then sit down and eat cake if you want.

Alternatively, we will all be sharing the same run path, and so you can join in with the main part.

Those who sweat together, get fit together (well, sort of - unless you have that sort of mind that takes that sentence in a less athletic pursuit)

KIds are welcome to join in or generally shout their support to their parents as they run/shuffle up the path.

Riverside Park is in Woodbridge and has got good water fountains, good play area for your young kids, and a good quality bitumised run path (or run on the grass next to the path).

As a bonus,  your president will act in the capacity of junior activity co-ordinator and child minder (when was the last time you saw Barack Obama doing that .... ?)


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