Turbo Session Invitation 14/01/2016 7pm - Newbies welcome

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Turbo Session Invitation 14/01/2016 7pm - Newbies welcome

Post by Admin on Wed Jan 13, 2016 3:14 pm

Start time: 7pm (so arrive a few minutes early to say hello to Ian's dogs and set up your turbo)
Where:  37 Brunswick Bend, Jane Brook (plenty of parking in driveway or on road - look for the only dead looking lawn on the street!)

7pm start easy spinning and warm up
10 mins easy spin.
5 x (15 secs hard, 45 secs easy spin)
10 mins HARD (that means you cant talk easily and in any case cant hear yourself over the volume of your legs complaining to you) at TT cadence
5mins easy spin (now you can chat!)
10 X (1 min HARD effort at TT cadence into 30 secs complete rest - ie stop pedalling!)
10 mins easy spin and allow legs to reduce the volume of their complaining.

7.55 = finish session and congratulate yourself on a job well done.


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